Meeting lovely people and exploring Coromandel

After we passed the ninety mile beach and spending a night in the Kauri Forest, we had a short „tea-stop” in Auckland with Gabe and Bob going direction south the east coast to KatiKati where we had a contact. We arrived at Josie´s house and got a warm welcome and the possibility to stay. She introduced us her friends, Chris and Marty, with whom we had nice motorbike trips and spend lovely evenings at their kiwi farm. They are all members of the Vincent Motorcycle Club, and invited us to join a trip on the following weekend to the East Cape. Anyway, Marty is having a museum in his garage: A full assortment of different Vincent HRC Vintage Road Bikes, starting 1932. He gave me one for a short ride, the starting lessen took 15 minutes. Not so easy to start these things, but when the sound starts it give you goose skin… WHOOWWW what a sound!


In between we went of direction Coromandel, up to the far north, Port Jackson, having a look at the Waterworld, the Cathedral Cove, passing the Hot Water Beach and enjoying lonely beaches. Up there are great unsealed roads and curvy roads which we were enjoying a lot!!!

Yesterday when back from our Coromandel trip we had the possibility to get fixed the bearings with help of Marty (actually he did the job and while doing it he teaches Sascha how to do it next time by himself) – THANK YOU Marty!!!

After the workshop Marty gave us a walkthrough through their Kiwi farm and explained us how to run a farm and how it’s working with the plantation, bees, cutting back the trees, planting and all sorts of stuff. Now we know why they are so special. It’s a lot of work and heart in this fruit!

And again we had a lovely evening and dinner at their farm – THANK YOU CHRIS!

Currently we are resting a bit in Josie´s house and getting ready our things for the next period direction south… THANK YOU SO MUCH JOSIE!!!

Sascha is still having Bells Palsy, but slowly we can recognize improvements… Everything will be good in the end!

4 thoughts on “Meeting lovely people and exploring Coromandel”

  1. Hi Sascha & Kirsten,
    its a pleasure to have you here –thank you for the lovely Dinner you cooked tonight !
    Hope you have a awesome Journey in NZ . Wish you all the Best -safe riding !

    Lots of Love

  2. Good luck at your great bike trip. I am following your pics and your journey looks amazing. Waiting for more to come. Take care and enjoy it.

  3. It was great to meet and ride round the Cape with you guys. I only wish we could have travelled a bit further south with you.
    How’s the fishing going Sasha? We went out the other night and came home with 4 good size snapper.
    Have fun and safe travels.

    Marty and Chris

    1. We went once more and once more some guys gave us some snapper as a present… but we never give up better luck next time…

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