Welcome our motorbike and the first kilometers direction Northland – with interruption

How to summarize… To get the motorbike wasn´t so difficult, but to get it out of tappers proprietary! This was a challenge but with help from Dazz and his truck we managed it in the end of the day: the inspection itself took 5 minutes but to bring the crate out of the property of the cargo facility took 4 hours. We have been not allowed to unpack the crate there and had to get the whole crate out on the street with our own truck. And there came Darren and his truck, he took the crate on his truck and brought it out on the street (100m in 5 hours!), unpacked it, screwed the bike together on off we wend direction north along the east coast…

Nice little camp sites next to the sea were making it easy to enjoy the first two days of our trip. Unfortunately the morning of the third day Sascha recognized something is wrong with his face – he could not eat and could not feel his right side of the face. First we were not worrying that much but than we recognized it´s not going away. We were in Whangaruru, at a tiny little camp site. When we were calling the health hotline explaining the symptoms we were told to see immediately a doctor and of course it was Saturday… We went to the couple, Colleen and Andrew, who were taking care of the camp to ask them where we could find the next doctor: 1 hour 15 minutes by car was the answer. Shit! Andrew offered immediately to bring Sascha to the hospital to Whangarei. Meanwhile Colleen served me with coffee and hot chocolate to get my mind off – I did not know yet if Sascha will be back for the night or if he has to stay at the hospital overnight… 4 hours later Andrew and Sascha arrived: “Bells Palsy” is what Sascha is having now. He got a lot of medication and we stayed 2 nights more to get a rest. No shops around; we were lucky to get some food from Colleen and Andrew and as well from our nice camp neighbors, Sue and her family, who took us out the last morning with the boat when we recognized dolphins in the bay; this was an amazing experience: we were going around with about 15 dolphins for one hour and they were jumping and gambling around with us – hopefully a good sign! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!
Nothing we can do so far except waiting and hoping that the “infection” will go over soon. It can last 10 days up to 3 month – cross fingers it will disappear fast! We continued travelling, smaller distances than planned before direction north. Two days later at Maitai Bay we arrived early afternoon and planned to have a relaxed day with fishing and hanging around. When we went out to the cliffs we recognized a fire over the mountains… watching it we started to worry while it seemed to become bigger and bigger. We went back to the camp site up to a hill and realized: this is a not controlled fire at all it is is eating the hill with the trees and coming closer way too fast. It was really frightened in the end, we could see incredible high flames finally fire trucks arrived, the wind was pushing the fire from one hill to another towards us. Helicopters arrived and the upper part of the camp was evacuated. Lucky we are they could stop the fire exactly before the camp ground and the wind was pushing it more to the other direction. WOW, what else will come up???
Next day we hit to Cape Reinga, we enjoyed the spirit of this place and stayed at a lovely camp site at the bay 3 km below the Cape. Currently we are recovering on the way south at the 90 Mile Beach on a bigger camp where we have a hot shower and electricity. Yesterday evening we spend too much time talking to Bill, who is exploring NZ on a 50cc bike so we did not manage to update, but never mind… ;-)
This is how our first week on the bike looked like – to be honest, we hope it will not continue THAT turbulent. So far we are fine even though a bit handy caped.
Take care and cross fingers!

4 thoughts on “Welcome our motorbike and the first kilometers direction Northland – with interruption”

  1. My God!! So sorry to hear about Sascha having this strange “Bells palsy”… I really hope this will not be too long and too serious. Shit! And the fire, really impressive!! Maybe all this is just a test from the Gods, to see if you are strong enough to follow this journey (and I know both you are, specially together). Then the big reward will come and everything will flow easy and magic! Already, as you said Kerstin, the dolphins are quiet a good sign! So beautiful, thank you to share all this with us!
    Lots lots of kisses my friends!! All my good and positive vibes to you!! :))))

  2. My dears,
    I’ll cross the fingers for you my son that “Bells Palsy” will leave you soon. I am very yellows that I could not stay with you. Rgds Papa

  3. Thx both of you, got that thing now for a week and … what to say… hope its getting better soon, the doctor said minimum of two weeks b4 its gfetting better… knock on wood….

    everything will be good….

    cheers Sascha

  4. Meine liebe Sasha-Kerstin, we are very sorry to hear this situation but we know that very soon Sasha will be fine again!dont press yourselfs to keep the programm . We can “see” pictures from your discraption and feel “alive” in a very unique way that is measing of our lives! we thank you, we wish you luck and enjoy!many kisses theo-alexia-yannis

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