Overview of all countries we traveled so far with one/two motorbike/s (marked in green).
Detailed routes you can look up in the various `route-sections´ and below in the Polarsteps Page….

The Actual Route for the PanAmericana Trip you can find here^^

This is what we did in Vietnam 2018 / 2019:

16 thoughts on “Route”

  1. Hi Sascha and Kerstin,
    Namaste from Kathmandu Nepal.I saw your blog in HU and found that you are planning to come to Nepal.So i feel to write.
    You are mostly welcome to the land of Himalayas.As we were the member of couchsurfing we would like to host you at our home while you arrived Nepal.
    We were professional shipping agent of Nepal .So, if you have any question regarding shipment,routes and places to visit in Nepal feel free to contact me.I am here to help you in anyways.
    Hope to cheers some beer and exchange our culture in Nepal.

    1. Hello Suraj,

      thank you very much for your kind words! When we are closer we will contact you for sure. At the moment we are just preparing our trip to NZ and from there back … probably through Nepal … c u there!

      Kerstin and Sascha

      1. Hallo ihr 2
        wünschen euch noch eine gute zeit
        bei uns geht es nun auch bald los
        gruß petra und frank

  2. Hello,
    i saw your post on the hubb. looking for a crate.
    i found two possibilities:
    on crate that´is sell by ebay
    and another possibility:
    just put in the german name – Transportgestell – to and you will find a lot of crates that where sell – maybe the transport to cologne can be arranged.
    with best regards

    1. Hallo Henning, danke. In der Bucht hab ich schon mal geschaut, denke ich habe eins in der Motkwa gefunden … Danke …

  3. Thanks for the tips today and the chat in the supermarket car park.
    Be looking out for you in the south island.
    Give me a call when you are near Christchurch…

  4. Hello Sascha and Kerstin,
    It’s nice to see your website.Enjoy your trip.
    When you came nearer to Nepal please contact me in this address
    suraj Dhakal
    Eagle Export(Cargo and Courier)
    Thamel,Next to Kathmandu Guest
    Tel:01 4701022,9841325328,9841938337
    Suraj and Saru

  5. Hi you two,

    Saw your bike outside the I sight in TE Anau,
    As a biker I was intrigued to see a European bike in New Zealand, very Impressed.
    Keep safe and enjoy your travels.
    We are 21 months into our travels, off to Cambodia next.
    Simon and Angela

    1. GREAT! How you go to Cambodia? We are going this direction too, but first to Thailand and then over Land to Cambodia and Laos!

  6. Hi, could not see your planed trip on a map. I remember there was a map with some destination points. Enjoy your trip.

    1. Yep, plannedx Route is history ;) The plan changes constantly so it makes more sense to display the rounte we actually took… IF we would have time to update it all the time… we have to travel slower actually… or time has to run slower… or best would be both!

      cheers ….

  7. Hello hello
    long time no see :-)
    Hope you are fine.
    Our doors are still open :-(
    We look for a schreiner.
    If time runs slower, ok
    you get the time, no pinxten in 2012
    hurry up and wait

    gruß peng

  8. Hello Kirsten& Sascha ,
    I have been reading your Blog –what a awesome Trip ! It sounds like you having lots of Fun –I’m so pleased that all is going well ! We all good here in NZ –thinking of you and the lovely Time we had together ! It’s getting cooler here –even so we really didn’t had a nice Summer but never mind that the way it is !Will you be coming back to NZ ?
    Wish you all the Best & safe Riding and lots of Fun !!
    Big Hug , Josie

    1. JOSI! of co couse we will come back its just a matter of time and finding a job over there… we will start soon to work on that issue! Send big hugs to everybody and hope to see you soon.

      BIG kisses from Kerstin and me!

  9. Hallo Kerstin / hallo Sascha!
    Wir sind mit dem Motorrad auf der selben Route wie ihr unterwegs und haben jetzt im Bluefin Guesthaus Eure Adresse bekommen . . .
    Da IHR uns weit voraus seid habt Ihr vielleicht einige Tips fuer uns? Besonders wuerde uns interessieren, wie Ihr von Malaysia nach Sumatra gekommen seid …
    Gibt es eine Faehrverbindung fuer Fahrzeug und Personen?
    Vielleicht habt Ihr auch andere gute Tips fuer uns … wir planen im November von Osttimor nach Australien ueber zu setzen.
    Falls Ihr Lust habt unseren Blog zu besuchen … hier die Adresse:
    Wir wuenschen Euch eine weitere gute Fahrt und viel Freude / mit herzlichen Gruessen aus Bangkok
    Rosmarie und Micha
    Rosmarie und Micha

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