Got the bike finally


The inspection itself tok 5 minutes, the guy said that he never seen a cleaner bike and that this is funtastic.

Them the nighmare started. “Where is your truck” they asked. What truck? … OK after severall houres and with the Help of our friend Darren we could get it out on the street and finally WE ARE LEAVING NOW!

Thanks to Darren and his family we had the best time in New Zealand! Ok, we have to leave now…

3 thoughts on “Got the bike finally”

  1. Hi Sascha and Kerstin,
    what was the problem that took several hours, why did they ask you for a truck?
    Cheers from cloudy and foggy Prague.

    1. HI Radek,

      it is not allowed to unpack any crate or parcel on the permiss ot the freight forwarder, so we needed a truck to cary the crate 100m outside of their facility. They can not allow you to unpack anything on their ground “for safety reasons”…. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU UNPACK YOUR BOX HERE! GET A F…. TRUCK AND LEAVE!

      c´est la vie….

      later more

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