Goodbye Malaysia – Hello Indonesia

These will be definitely a longer reading as we have experienced a lot within the last 2 weeks. Therefor we divided it into two parts. Ee hope you enjoy sharing our adventures and the pictures we kept for you!

Goodbye Malaysia: Port Klang, Kuala Lipis, East Cost, Chini Lake, Malacca… working out our ferry to Indonesia

When we arrived early morning at Port Klang we had difficulties to find the meeting point with the agent and we turned up late. Finally we met but he was telling us the Ferry just left! Bad luck? Destiny? Anyhow we took it as it was! At least we met the agent personally and we could talk about the details for the ferry which is supposed to go one week later then. And we had the great opportunity to explore a little bit more of Malaysia…

For us was clear we want to go back to the mountains. It was already noon and we left immediately direction north east. It was a quite long and boring ride but in the end we reached Kuala Lipis shortly before it turned dark. We found a hotel where we were surrounded from a group of Chinese and a group of Indians within seconds. One of the Chinese businessmen invited us spontaneously for dinner and we spend a nice evening together with his wife and friends.

After a relaxed breakfast we drove further north. Leaving again the main road and we were driving along small villages passing waterfalls and we ended up in Tanah Merah before the usual night thunderstorm started. Now it was time for the beach and we went over to the East Coast. We choose the road going directly along the seaside and from there we were sometimes driving 2m narrow streets under palm trees along the beach through the villages. Over here, shortly before Dungun, we found a nice place to put up our tent directly at the beach and we spend the night at our fireplace watching the lightening around us and breathing fresh sea air.

Following the coast direction south we drove until Pekan, where we turned back to inland. The aim was to reach a nature park at Lake Chini. Again we just arrived before it turned dark and we put up our tent next to the lake. On the landing stage we were watching the stars and the lightening which were again surrounding us from all directions. It really seems we carrying a “hole in the clouds above” with us ;-) Sitting there we had a nice conversation with a family from Port Klang. And later on they just passed us a delicious dinner which we were enjoying together on the landing stage. So enjoyable!

Of course we kept in contact with our agent all the time to get news about our supposed ferry departure date and time; sometimes everything just change in a minute. He confirmed the boat will leave on Thursday and we decided to go to Malacca where we arrived on Monday evening. Time enough to get sorted our things before we leave to another country: laundry, copies and printings of all papers we will need, exploring Malacca and meeting up with another couple 2up who wants to catch the boat to Indonesia, Kanchan and Nick. Now we were already three bikes hoping to go over to Indonesia on Thursday (Martin is prepared and waiting in KL).

Anyhow we really enjoyed Malacca! We found a lovely Guesthouse in Chinatown with a rooftop overviewing Malacca with a fresh breeze and parking the bike with video surveillance in front of the hostel. Malacca has a very own spirit which we really liked: nice lanes, multicultural, open minded very friendly people and reasonable prizes all around. Noon at Tuesday Kanchan and Nick arrived and we could exchange the status about the “ferry news”. At around 8pm we were looking for a place for dinner when suddenly our agent was calling and informing us the ferry will go already tomorrow. WOW! What to do? Is it makeable? We decided YES!!! Dinner, back to the Guesthouse, packing and putting the alarm clock on 5am we went to bed late with a much exited feeling… Will we really go over tomorrow to Indonesia???

Second part will follow within the next 24 hours…. We promise!

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