Songkran in Phuket …

… After the sun comes rain… after the rain comes sun…

The Thai New Year, Songkran we spend going around on Phuket… Everybody is laughing while throwing water on everybody! The New Year is celebrated for three or sometimes four days here. This we recognized when we went on Monday to the customs office to Phuket Town to get the Bike papers prolonged: it was still closed J they were still celebrating. So we had to go again on Tuesday. At the same time Kerstin had the chance to get her last vaccination – which knocked her off a bit today with feeling dizzy and having a headache. This will be better hopefully tomorrow.

All in all we spend quite a long time here in Phuket… reading, planning, meeting friends, relaxing and swimming in the pool and at the beach. And “thanks” to our friend we could practice to cook delicious Thai food. The weather shows some strange caprioles currently. Every evening we have strong thunderstorms with heavy rains and during the last three days it started already early at the day…  We really enjoyed having a “home” for a time being but slowly we are getting nervous – time for us to go on the road again. And hopefully the weather is on our site when we start to ride the bike again!

We hope you all had a good Easter time and that we will hear from you!

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  1. Hello Kerstin and Sascha,

    Just saw your post in
    If theres any information that you need about crossing to Indonesia from Malaysia, routes in Indonesia, etc. Feel free to drop an email.

    Enjoy Your Ride

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