Fear and loathing in LA

4:13 AM, Thursday  26. October, German time we still take otherwise it is to confusing: 14 hours on the road, aehhh in the plane. We are hanging around in an Air New Zealand Lounge in LA. The sealing looks like out of a Tarantino movie, a long time ago it was white, but nevertheless: “SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE, YOU WILL BE UNLOADED FROM THE PLANE (which plane? We are sitting in the bloody  “lounge”) IF YOU DO SMOKE YOU HAVE TO PAY A FINE OF MINIMUM 2000USD!”

But never mind, that´s fine with us, waiting for the immigration officer, some great questions about why we choose the US and A, the answer will be something like “Hello my friend, we are here only “in transit” and will neither stay nor work in your country this time, maybe next time but not for now…” Let’s see, they are cuing up, actually they all are going to Auckland.

Fingerprints and Photos taken and first stamp in the Passport. No duty free here plus it was not allowed to bring any liquid in the plane. That means no good whisky for a reasonable price …. Too bad! But no show stopper… everything good, Alcohol isn’t good for us anyhow … We know….;°°°°°(.

The flight itself was funny, we traveled with the sun and this was definitely the longest sunset we ever had, about 10 hours the sun was trying to go down but we won the race.  Only when we stopped in LA the sun was gone finally.


Photos will follow tomorrow ….


2 thoughts on “Fear and loathing in LA”

  1. Moin ihr Landratten!
    Das fing ja schon gut an in LA…….
    Ich wünsch euch viel Spass in den nächsten Monaten und bin schon ganz gespannt auf die nächsten Stories und Bilder! Ach so, und natürlich immer eine Handbreit Asphalt unter dem Kiel……nee Reifen! ;o)
    See you in Germany – whenever!
    Es grüsst der Toddy und die alten Kolleginnen & Kollegen aus Hannover!

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