5 thoughts on “Kerstin has her license to RIDE!”

  1. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO KERSTIN !!!!!!!! you are the best my friend !!! Enjoy the rides :))))) Kisses

  2. Sauber Kerstin. Glückwunsch zum Schein!!! Hoffe, das Gewicht des Prüfers hielt sich in Grenzen :-)!! Denn läuft doch alles nach Plan. Liebe Grüße Barbara

  3. Soooo proud! Thank you girls!!! I am really happy and now the adventure can start up… ;-)

    “Es gibt nichts GUTES, ausser man TUT ES”

  4. Hello Kerstin,

    congrats to your licence. In case you ever come to the SW of WA, which is one of the best parts of Australia, let me know. I may come for a ride with you.
    Kaffee trinken ist natuerlich auch drin.


    1. Hi, thx for congrats and the invite… If we are arround we´ll let you know … Do we know you actually from somewhere? “Helgo”, doesn´t ring a bell at the moment …

      Cheers Kerstin and Sascha

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