Fishing in Canada

We had some time to go through some of the endless videos we took and this is the result, a short video about what we do when we camp…

We stopped at a lake in Canada and throw the rod out… had some beers. Somebody was passing by and brought some more beers… Suddenly we heard a sound, we thought a drone is passing… looked around till Kerstin shouted YOUR ROD!!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!!

Oh Oh, ;)

It was delicious ;) One of the best meals we ever had! Can´t get any fresher than that!

4 thoughts on “Fishing in Canada”

  1. Hi ihr Zwei,
    Just finished our own 3 weeks vacation and after a week with school enrollments for Falk and Zoe we are back now in the boring real world 🤨
    The more beautiful it is again to follow your fantastic pictures and videos 😎😎
    It seems the first part (the north part) of the adventure comes gradually to an end….
    We are looking really forward to the middle and the south part 👍
    Best regards from Quickborn 😉

    1. Hello KLaus,

      thank you for your comments, for this kind of comments we are writing the blog!!!

      We are as well excited how the central part will be, a lot of paper works for all the border Xings is awaiting us… Let´s see, we will keep you informed, GRTS to the whole family!!!

  2. OMG for that fish!! And should have Bernard delicious Indeed! 😉
    That’s fun to see you with warm clothes while in HOT Mexico 😉

    1. It can be quite cold in Mexico, at some of the vulcano-tracks we rode in hail and snow… That was really cold….

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