Gorgeous hospitality and incredible beaches in and around Esperance


Once more we experience a gorgeous hospitality! John and Steph invited us to stay over the weekend or even longer… We had to order a spare part for our GPS from Hong Kong. Unfortunately the Chinese were celebrating their Spring Festival and closed all their businesses for the time being. Finally we did an express order and we still wait for its arrival.

In between we explored the closer surroundings on our own: the Great Ocean Drive, the Cape Arid National Park, the Cape Le Grand National Park, the Wetlands… Beautiful places, endless white beaches, turquoise bays, lovely rock formations. For sure it is not a place where you get bored. We learn a fair bit about kangaroo breeding. Steph adopted two roo babies who need care taking and we can tell you they are really funny and just lovely to watch hanging in their pouches or hopping around in the garden and exploring everything. We attended a Harbor bus tour where we learned a lot about the history of Esperance and the importance of their harbor. As well John showed us the fire station with their entire equipment and we met many of John’s mates having barbecue together. Romy could manage to bring her bus “Gigi” alive again with the support of John and Leithen. As well she passed her English test and so we had enough reasons to celebrate and Steph organized a big fondue evening. Kerstin is cooking and baking bread nearly every day. We always enjoy chatting and eating together in the evening. One afternoon John took us out to the shooting range and we could practice shooting under his supervision – a great experience!  John is attending a shooting competition in Roturua, New Zealand. He left already and Steph will follow him in a few days to enjoy their holidays together over there. We have to admit we are a little bit jealous. We would love to have a visit to New Zealand and see all our friends again! Hopefully one day; not for now…

Thanks to Steph, John, Romy, Leiten… and the roos we enjoy our stay in Esperance to the max! But Tasmania is waiting for us and we hope to receive our spare part on Monday and we can go back on the road again…


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