Hurray we made it… Route Section is “Up to date”!

Have a look at our ROUTE section. Australia “Up to date”! ;)


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4 thoughts on “Hurray we made it… Route Section is “Up to date”!”

  1. Unbelievable, U made it one year on the road around the asian-pacific world. Congratulations,
    You rock! :-) Take care. Your pics and the whole journey is amazing.

  2. ~ 4000 mls ? That`s hard stuff for Australien summertime. Enjoy it, but take care, the unexpected one is often not far away!! I hope we see us next time, somewhere in this hole wide world. Meanwhile I follow you on this side B-)

    Lovely greetings


    1. THX Horst! It´s like the German Aprill here now, you don´t know what to expect… one day 38°C+ the other only 20 and below 10 at night… but everybody sais “IT WILL COME SOON ENOUGH” and then it will go above 45°C+…

      Cheers Kerstin and Sascha

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