Last days in Laos – magical “4000 Islands”

Taking over the Motorbike from Nakasang to Don Det was a special experience ;-) First we had to negotiate the price with the “Mama” of the family. After we checked the “boat” which is just built out of two little longboats with a plateau build from some plnks in between. We agreed on the price and we went down the sandy beach to get on it. So far so good! We went on even though there was not even place for a mouse anymore… The trip was exciting… passing the Khong with the low water, sharp stones and heavy currents made us feeling strange sometimes ;-) When we reached Don Det the boat landing was at a steep sandy beach which made us troubling bringing the bike up there – in between we just “parked” the bike in the middle of the way without putting it on the stand. It was just dug into the sand that deep. Finally we did it and realized the place is looking like a party town… Actually it was not at all what we were looking for. Completely sweated and full of sand we left south driving over the bridge to Don Khon and found a lovely little family place where we moved in our little bamboo. It`s already the fourth day here and we enjoyed every second. Exploring the tiny tracks around the islands, watching the waterfalls, going for a swim at sandy beaches into the Khong and floating with the currents, playing boule, going for boat trips to watch the Dolphins, sitting in our hammock or at our terrace… What is funny is that we meet people we met somewhere before again and again… sometimes a long time ago or at really remote places or in other countries. And it is always nice to exchange what was happening in between… Tomorrow or the day after we will go over to Cambodia and we are just wondering once more how fast the time is passing…

3 thoughts on “Last days in Laos – magical “4000 Islands””

  1. Hi Ihr Zwei,

    macht immer wieder Spass Mit Euch mit zu reisen – weiter so! Take it easy and keep enjoying life….!

    Greets, Heike, Mad Max und Martin

    1. Danke danke! SItzen grade in Cambodia, Grenze hinter uns gebracht ohne auch nur n Doller Bakshish zu zahlen…. Habens natürlich alle versucht…. na ja kennst das ja….

      cheers Sascha

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