Fin del Mundo! The end of the world…

40.590,0 km from Anchorage up to the Arctic Circle down to Ushuaia – it took us 298 days. We started in Anchorage on the 19th May 2018 and arrived yesterday (12th March2019) in Ushuaia. What a trip this was (and still is!). We met incredible people, saw stunning places and are looking forward to continue for a little bit more. From now on the direction will be north…

2 thoughts on “Fin del Mundo! The end of the world…”

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank, daß wir daran teilhaben durften . Für uns war es natürlich schön bequem zu Hause auf dem Sofa Eure ganzen Eindrücke zu lesen und die fantastischen Bilder zu sehen. Wann fahrt Ihr denn wieder zurück?

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