On the road again?!?

Blog_07_2015-051More or less we are continuously on the road! We both have a job and travel is limited to the weekends and vacation periods for the moment. Every free minute we use to explore and in our mind we are anyhow always on the road – back in memories or planning to continue our dream one day. Next would be the Pan Americana and there are many more places we have not seen yet! And of course we have to go back to the places we have been and visit all the lovely people we became friends with!!!

Kerstin meanwhile got her own motorbike, an Honda TransAlp, and that means many lessons to learn ;-) Our next “short trip” is coming closer: 23 days for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro – maybe Albania as well. At least a period to smell the freedom once again!

With Regards to all our friends we met and the ones who always believe in our dreams.

Some impressions of our everyday life:

2 thoughts on “On the road again?!?”

    1. Hi Chris, yes Kerstin is going for it. The Balkan will be a good training ground, lot´s of off-road there ;) GRTS to Marty and Josie!

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