Uyuni and Lagunas Route, Bolivia

That´s how far we went with the bikes…

The Uyuni Salt Lake Flats and the Lagunas Route have been on our list for quite a while. We wanted to go through there, really. But we have been two weeks to late. The rain caught up to us… The whole salt flat was flooded so it was not possible, or better it was not advisable to enter it with our motorcycles. We heard of 6 guys did it the other day and only 2 motorcycles have been running afterwards. The other 4 still got problems even after 3 weeks. So we decided to book a guided tour with a 4by4… And that was a good decision. We rode in three days about 1000km through tough volcanic and desert terrain; deep sand, bull dust, rocks…

On the bike on the usual route we would have seen only a fraction of it. We thought more than once “Uhhhh, lucky us we got 4 wheels!”. Sometimes the accommodation was more than basic and we have been lucky that we had our sleeping bags with us. Would have been great if we would have had the tent too…. But all in all it was a great trip and we had a lot of fun….

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