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Welcome Bangkok, Thailand

Finally we had to say good bye to New Zealand and after 12hours in the plane we arrived 9pm local time in Bangkok. Cueing up for a taxi we already could feel the heat. Around 11pm we arrived in our little guesthouse in the middle of the center where surprisingly another couple with their bikes arrived today. We took a look at the closer area, got two beers and were wondering if we are really in Bangkok now ;-) Just the heat and the humidity made clear that it is not a dream!

The next day, Saturday, we did the tourist tour. Taking the river taxi boat with a fresh breeze we had a look at the Grand Palace and its closer surroundings. Sweated and full of impressions we went for food in one of the street kitchens next to our guesthouse. Just being happy we enjoyed the evening relaxing and realizing that the next chapter of our trip already started.

Chatting around with the nice people in the guesthouse we get prepared for tomorrow: Picking up the motorbike from the customs at the Bangkok airport. As we have as well Chinese New-year tomorrow we hope we will find the way back to our guesthouse on our bike tomorrow…